Vacuum Trucks

Savage specializes in facility operations to provide efficient, effective, and safe working environments to ensure your facilities stay up and running as smoothly as possible. One of our core offerings includes vacuum truck services at cement plants, steel mills, coal plants, power plants, and railroads. We currently operate vacuum trucks (Guzzler NX and Classic) in Pueblo, Colorado and Denver, Colorado and handle all vacuum truck needs, including spill, everyday clean up, and tank cleanup. We can handle most materials, including fine material, wet material, cement, coal dust, oily debris, and much more. Savage’s vacuum trucks also offer hydro blasting, including surface cleaning, potholing, tank cleaning, and drain and pipe cleaning.

Examples of Operations

  • Savage operates at a cement plant in Pueblo, Colorado where we have vacuumed up in the raw mill, finish mill, and limestone reclaim.
  • At a power plant in Pueblo, Colorado we have vacuumed inside bowl mills, sludge pits, sump pits, bag houses, slurry mix tanks, carbon tanks, wet bottoms, railroad tracks, coal reclaim tunnels, and coal belt lines. We also vacuumed up accumulated dust and coal dust throughout the 3 units.
  • Savage successfully vacuumed out a plugged bag house line at a power plant in Brush, Colorado.
  • A steel manufacturing company hired Savage to provide vacuum truck services to maintain its plant operations in Pueblo, Colorado.


Pueblo, Colorado
Sean Stecklein: (719) 569-2973

Denver, Colorado
Shain Albrecht: (303) 818-6768

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