In-Plant Operations & Maintenance

Power plants, refineries, chemical manufacturing plants, and other industrial facilities can’t afford downtime. Our integrated services keep your plant running smoothly so you don’t lose time or money. Our team works seamlessly with your team to ensure safe, efficient, and productive operations. Our broad expertise includes cutting and handling petroleum coke, sulphur operations and maintenance, unloading crude oil at refineries, delivering and stockpiling coal at power plants, in-plant rail switching, transporting materials by truck or barge, and maintaining conveyor systems and other critical equipment.

We create innovative solutions and help you find better ways to manage your process challenges. We also handle support and ancillary services in and around your facility, reducing the handoff costs between multiple providers and improving overall plant efficiency. We sweat the small stuff so you can focus on the big picture.

Refinery Services

Our refinery services include petroleum coke cutting, handling, and transportation and the operation and maintenance of the equipment and facilities used in these processes. We also provide extensive in-plant rail and marine O&M; sulphur handling O&M, terminaling, and transportation; and additional services including crude oil handling, sulfuric acid transportation, and LPG O&M.

View our Refinery Services brochure.

Power Plant Services

Reliable delivery of fuel and removal of production byproducts are examples of the kinds of critical services we provide at power plants, helping utilities meet the demands of an ever-changing electric generation landscape. Our work, ranging from plant operations and maintenance to train piloting and disposal of byproducts, helps ensure efficient and productive operations for our utility Customers. We bring these capabilities together to allow our Customers to concentrate on energy generation and transmission.

View our Power Generation Services brochure.


Chemical & Industrial Plant Services

We provide in-plant railcar switching, track services, tank farm management, materials loading and unloading, vacuum truck service, maintenance, and other services for chemical and industrial plants.


Integrated Power Plant Services

  • Fuel facility O&M
  • Mobile equipment supply
  • Stockpile management
  • Combustible dust management
  • Housekeeping
  • Rail related services
    • Unit train piloting
    • Railcar switching
    • Railcar repair
    • Track maintenance
  • Coal combustion residuals management
  • Back-end O&M services
    • Ash dewatering bin
    • Scrubber
    • Baghouse
  • Marine & dock operations
  • Plant retirement “stop gap” labor supply

Integrated Refinery Services

  • Materials handling
    • Sulphur/coke handling O&M
    • Coker crane O&M
    • Coke drum decoking (Coke Cutting)
    • Stockpile management
    • Barge loading/unloading
    • Equipment and system maintenance & repairs
    • Systems design & construction
  • Terminaling services
    • Sulphur/coke terminaling O&M
    • Sulphur prilling, vatting, and melting
    • Sulphur/coke vessel loading
    • Rail & truck loading/unloading
    • Dock services
    • Systems design & construction
    • Material testing, sampling and blending
  • Transportation & logistics services
    • Bulk trucking (coke, sulphur, etc.)
    • Liquids trucking (crude, acids, sulphur, etc.)
    • Barge transportation
  • Bulk and liquids loading/unloading
  • Logistics & reporting services
  • Rail related services
    • Rail switching
    • LPG loading/unloading
    • Locomotive piloting & railcar switching
    • Track construction & maintenance
  • Toll processing
  • Other
    • Turnaround & contingency labor
    • Vacuum truck & hydro blasting
    • Sweeping & general cleanup
    • Burner cleaning & steam trap maintenance
    • Coke drum drill stem replacement
  • In-Plant Maintenance
  • In-Plant Operations
  • In-Plant Operations
  • In-Plant Maintenance
  • In-Plant Operations
  • In-Plant Operations
  • In-Plant Maintenance
  • In-Plant Operations
  • In-Plant Maintenance

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