Savage Purchases Environmental Reclamation and Fuel Supply Businesses in Virginia

April 18, 2017

Removal and processing of waste coal help power Southwest Virginia communities and benefit environment

SALT LAKE CITY—Savage is pleased to announce its purchase of Gobco, LLC and Power Fuels LLC, effective April 1, 2017. Based in Abingdon, VA, Gobco specializes in the removal of waste coal piles from abandoned mines and the restoration of impacted land, streams and forests. The waste coal, known as gob, is separated from rock and transported by truck to the Power Fuels terminal in St. Paul, VA, where it is blended with run-of-mine coal and used to generate electricity at Dominion’s state-of-the-art Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center (VCHEC).

“Gobco’s award-winning reclamation work is improving the environment and contributing to better water quality. We’re excited to continue providing excellent service to Dominion and making a positive difference,” said Kirk Aubry, Savage President and Chief Executive Officer. “Working with Dominion and government agencies, Gobco and Power Fuels have converted previously unusable waste coal into a reliable source of energy for Southwest Virginia communities.”

There are hundreds of waste coal piles in the region, some dating back more than a century and many containing hundreds of thousands of tons of material. After removing waste coal, Gobco replaces topsoil and plants grass at the sites to help transform the land back to its pre-mining appearance. The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) facilitates the planting of tree seedlings as part of the state’s Abandoned Mine Land Program, with funding from U.S. Office of Surface Mining grants.

Since 2004, Gobco has cleaned up approximately 6 million tons of waste coal and participated in the reclamation of hundreds of acres of waste coal sites throughout Southwest Virginia. Gobco recently completed the removal of approximately 1 million tons of waste coal from the Hurricane Creek site in Russell County, Virginia, eliminating a significant source of pollution affecting the Clinch River. The Hurricane Creek project includes ongoing reclamation work in partnership with DMME and Dominion.

Gobco and Savage are among the sponsors of an Arbor Day event on April 27 organized by the Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance, Virginia Oil and Gas Association and DMME, where about 350 sixth-grade students will participate in planting trees on the reclaimed Hurricane Creek site.

This marks Savage’s second investment in an environmental services company in 2017, following its February purchase of Sunpro, a Midwest-based industrial and environmental field services company.

Reference presentation with photos: Cleaning Up Abandoned Coal Waste Piles on the Clinch (July 2016)


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