Savage Marine Management Company Safety & Environmental Protection Policy


Savage Marine Management Company will coordinate operations to ensure that the safety of crew members is always our top priority, and that protection of the environment factors into our decision-making on a daily basis.

We will support our commitment to personnel safety and environmental protection by ensuring that our vessels are operated and maintained in accordance with applicable international and U.S. Coast Guard regulations, classification society rules, and pertinent industry standards.


We will provide responsible and forward-thinking vessel management services in order to establish:

  1. Safe operations and safe working conditions onboard.
  2. Safeguards for all identified risks.
  3. Controls to continually improve performance of our management and execution of tasks that may impact safety and pollution prevention.

We will achieve the goals of this policy by providing the resources necessary to:

  1. Support lasting implementation of a safety management system that is specific to our organization and operations.
  2. Frequently assess our ongoing conformance with our management system and the goals of this policy.
  3. Make adjustments to improve our measures to ensure conformance when necessary or desirable to the Company.
  4. Provide suitable equipment, guidance and assistance to perform necessary operations and maintenance tasks.