Safety, Health, and Environment

Safety is much more than an attitude, program, process, or priority—it is woven into the fabric of our culture together with our commitment to compliance. We believe that safety success comes from the proactive involvement of each Team Member and commitment of our Leadership Team. Nothing trumps safety at Savage!

Eight Utah Operations Recognized for Safety Achievements

All of our Team Members have a responsibility for safety. Much of that involvement comes from our Safety Specialist program, where Team Members from every operation are selected to attend a training session to prepare them to be Safety Leaders. This training includes a section on empowerment, because when Team Members know they have the authority and obligation to take action whenever it’s needed to ensure everyone’s safety, the results are huge.

We Hire Right, Train Right, and Treat Right to make sure every Team Member has safety in their hearts and minds. We follow the Savage Hazard Analysis and Prevention System (SHAPS), developed to proactively identify and address safety concerns before an incident occurs.

Our dedication to safety means we’re always looking for ways to be better. We work with industry groups and government agencies—including OSHA, MSHA, FRA, and DOT—to develop and share best practices and innovations. In recognition of our commitment to safety, Savage was named one of America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today magazine. We’ve also been recognized for safety by many of our Customers, by safety organizations such as the Utah Safety Council and North Dakota Safety Council, and by industry groups such as the Washington Association of Business, among others.

In addition to safety, environmental stewardship and protection of the environment are, and must be, integral parts of every Savage operation. All of our Team Members are expected to perform their responsibilities in ways that support our commitment to environmental protection and stewardship.

Savage Marine Management Company Safety & Environmental Protection Policy

Our goal is simple: Zero Incidents!