Eight Utah Operations Recognized for Safety Achievements

On August 3, 2018, eight of Savage’s Utah-based operations received awards in recognition of outstanding safety performance. The Utah Safety Council presented the awards during a luncheon hosted at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’re proud of our Savage Team Members who contributed to the safety achievements of these operations. A summary of the operations and their awards can be seen in the table below:

OperationAward(s) Received
American ForkPerfect Record Award and Award of Merit
Bingham and GarfieldPerfect Record Award and Award of Merit
BonanzaAward of Merit
Coal ServiceAward of Merit
DelscoAward of Merit
Energy TerminalPerfect Record and Award of Merit
RooseveltAward of Merit
Service Support CenterPerfect Record Award and Award of Merit

According to the Utah Safety Council, the Award of Merit recognizes outstanding achievements in corporate safety programs. In order to receive the Award of Merit, “an organization’s incidence rate must be lower than the national average for the industry, the organization must demonstrate continuous improvement or sustained levels of excellence and it must have essential elements of a safety program in place.” The Perfect Record Award recognized “organizations that within the 2017 calendar year did not incur an OSHA recordable injury or illness.”

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