Our roots in mining run deep. We started in 1946 with a single truck, delivering coal to homes and businesses in American Fork, Utah and nearby communities. Today, our fleet of trucks transports tens of millions of tons of coal and other mined materials to power plants, terminals, and industrial facilities across the United States. We also operate terminals and material handling systems, load and unload trucks and railcars, and provide logistics and inventory management services. We even provide environmental services such as removing waste coal from abandoned mine sites and blending it with run-of-mine coal to make it a viable fuel source for generating energy.

Staying competitive in the mining industry today requires having a partner you can trust to do the job safely, efficiently, and reliably. We help our mining Customers develop innovative solutions to unique challenges, creating value across their supply chain. We have the experience and expertise to provide integrated mining services that will make your business more productive and profitable. Giving our Customers a return on their investment isn’t simply a goal; it’s our requirement.

We are proud members of these and other industry associations:

  • American Coal Council
  • National Coal Council
  • National Coal Transportation Agency
  • Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute
  • American Association of Mining Engineers
  • Utah Mining Association
  • PRB Coal Users Group

Materials handled

  • Coal & lignite
  • Waste coal
  • Lime & limestone
  • Ores
  • Metals
  • Cement
  • Rock products
  • Industrial chemicals

Customer Focused

Savage has grown into the company it is for one reason: our Customers. When you call, we answer. Where you are, we go. What you need, we deliver.

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