Solutions We Provide Trucking


Our roots are in truck transportation. The Savage family founded the company in 1946 with a single truck hauling coal and timber in Utah. The company has grown to handle and transport many different materials, including coal, ash, limestone, petroleum coke, water, petroleum products, chemicals and sulphur.

Savage moves millions of tons of materials by truck every year. We tailor our fleet of late model, fuel efficient trucks and other specialty equipment to work either as your single mode of materials transportation or as a part of your intermodal transportation strategy. Our processes offer you the flexibility to meet your unique materials, scheduling, tonnage or delivery site needs and the agility to quickly scale up or down to accommodate swings in your production volumes.

Inefficient trucking will drive up your costs. We replace our trucks on a regular schedule to take advantage of the latest technologies in safety, emissions, and fuel efficiency. We leverage behavior-based driver education, sophisticated route planning, and the best available technology to increase efficiency and minimize fuel consumption. We track each load that comes into our system, providing you with complete visibility of your material’s location in the supply chain at any time.