Solutions We Provide Technology


In addition to people and processes, we harness the power of supply chain technology to strengthen your operations. Savage technology — comprised of custom software and hardware — enhances your supply chain visibility with timely information and feedback, streamlines communication, facilitates collaboration, and helps you anticipate changes in your supply chain for quick, effective response.

Unlike some supply chain technology providers who require you to adjust your operations to fit a specific technology, Savage creates or customizes technology solutions that fit your situation. We analyze your operation — seeing how things work and where improvements can be made. Rather than suggesting you do things differently, we might suggest you do things the same way — using the right technology.

We make sure our software and hardware integrates with your own technologies to reduce your overhead costs. Since technology can’t add value if no one uses it, we make sure that your team is trained and ready to get the most out of the Savage solution. Once a Savage technology solution is created and delivered, we look for ways to elevate it by checking in regularly to see how we can improve.

For the terminals that we manage, we offer an end-to-end rail supply-chain solution, including yard management, transloading, inventory management and inbound shipment tracking. For rail shippers and receivers, our Railcar Management System (RMS) is a web-based rail shipment tracking and fleet management system designed to provide real-time data and exception management capabilities to increase productivity.