Solutions We Provide Fuel Management


Managing fuel is tougher than it looks. Many companies struggle to effectively purchase, track, deliver and conserve fuel. We have developed proprietary processes and technology to show you where your fuel is, and where it’s going — and we’ll get it there on time. With this powerful combination, your equipment will be fueled and ready where you want it, when you need it — and all at a lower cost.

Savage Fueling Corporation

Managing and coordinating timely delivery of fuel is a critical element of every railroad’s efficiency and velocity. Whether dispensed directly into road locomotives, switch engines, cranes or storage tanks our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained operators are standing at the ready to ensure your fuel is where you need it, when you need it.

With our proprietary Eagle Eye on-board fuel tracking technology, our customers have access to customizable reports, real time GPS view of our trucks and a detailed accounting of every gallon issued.

Not only is Savage Fueling dedicated to worry free delivery of your fuel, we offer other critical locomotive services such as; FRA compliant inspections, sand, oil, water check and fill, sanitary services and evacuation, cab cleaning, brake shoe replacement and piston travel adjustments, air brake and load testing, distributed power linking, light maintenance and much more.

Savage owns and operates more than 250 Straight Trucks, Tractor/Tanker combinations, Locomotive Service Trucks (LST) and our proprietary Locomotive Fuel & Service Truck (LFST) operating in 70 locations from coast to coast.. Whether you need a straight truck to maneuver in a tight yard, a tanker to transport to storage tanks, locomotives serviced or would realize the efficiencies of our fuel and service truck, we have the right equipment and dedicated, qualified operators to ensure worry free, environmentally conscious locomotive services.

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