Solutions We Provide Marine Operations


Navigating the complexities of marine operations requires unique solutions for difficult challenges. Leveraging our experience, proprietary processes and technology allows you to take advantage of this highly efficient mode of transport. Savage gets your product where you need it, when you need it — with complete visibility. We provide:

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Examples of Our Operations

  • We operate the facilities for Gulf Sulphur Services (GSS), the largest liquid-sulphur transportation, storage and logistics system in the United States. GSS has significant liquid storage and solid facilities in Galveston, Texas and Tampa, Florida, and operates liquid-sulphur barges on the Intracoastal Waterways of the lower Mississippi River and the Houston Ship Channel. The M/V Sulphur Enterprise, the world’s largest liquid-sulphur vessel, transports 1.6 million tons per year of sulphur across the Gulf of Mexico.
  • In 2005, Nova Scotia Power opened the Point Tupper Marine Coal Terminal adjacent to the Point Tupper Generating Station. Savage teams operate this facility under a long-term contract. The Point Tupper Terminal docking pier is linked to a concrete storage pad by a conveyor belt capable of moving 3,000 tons of coal per hour. The facility handles coal imported for the Point Tupper Generating Station where it is transferred into the plant by yellow equipment and for the Trenton Generating Station where the coal is transferred onto rail cars and moved by trains operated by CBNS.
  • The teams at the Old River Marine Operation in Louisiana, unload power plant fuel — petroleum coke, limestone and coal — from river barges onto conveyors to a stock pile at the Old River facility for use by power plants to convert the fuel to electricity.
  • Savage Inland Marine operates a fleet of various sizes and arrangements of tank barges to fulfill our customers' needs on the Intercoastal Waterways of the United States. For more information on Savage Inland Marine's barge fleet and to view specific information, click here.