Solutions We Provide Facilities Operations


Effective operation of your facilities is key to your success. We recognize that you have your hands full running your core business. Letting Savage manage your back room allows you to focus on your core competencies. We make your backroom our front room.

Our industry-experienced teams streamline facility operations to provide efficient, effective, and safe working environments. Savage facility operations reduce operating costs, improve organizational communication and free up your own team to concentrate on the more strategic tasks. We treat your facility as our own.

Examples of Operations

  • Our team designed and implemented a complete end-to-end coal yard management plan for our utility customers, including train piloting, railcar maintenance, lime and ash handling, environmental equipment management, emergency response teams and other coal yard-related project management. This total Savage solution allows our utility customers to realize savings and provide safe, reliable and environmentally sound power to their commercial and residential customers.
  • Our teams provide refineries with operations and maintenance services for petroleum coke cutting, dewatering and stockpiling; and the operation, maintenance and asset management for customer-owned refinery facilities.