Rail Services

With expertise in first- and last-mile rail services, Savage helps you deliver critical cargo for your Customers—safely and on time. Our capabilities include in-plant switching, direct-to-locomotive fueling, terminal operations, product transloading, railcar maintenance and services, track design and construction, rail logistics, and much more. Our team also is experienced in operating short line railroads. We take care of the details, so you can focus on your core business.

Railcar Switching

Savage is one of North America’s premiere third-party rail switching companies. We switch over 700,000 railcars annually and have a dedicated mechanical team to ensure our locomotives are able to perform at a high level. We have developed Cardinal Rules for Zero Occurrences for our rail operations. Our Team Members are trained on these Cardinal Rules and our Team Leaders actively conduct observations to ensure compliance. We also equip our locomotives with cameras to gather data that is used in coaching and training. These rules and processes help prevent occurrences and contribute to our strong safety performance in the industry.

Locomotive Fueling & Service

Savage’s proprietary Locomotive Fueling & Service Trucks (LFST) handle the on-track delivery of fuel, lube oil, sand and water, as well as the removal of waste. Our unique fuel tracking system gives you real-time data on your fuel levels and locations. We also offer locomotive cab cleaning services, light maintenance and inspections, and direct-to-storage fuel delivery.

Railcar Services

Our railcar service capabilities include maintenance and inspection; weighing, heating and cleaning; fleet management; loading/unloading and transloading; storage-in-transit yard operations; and more.

Track Services

We provide single-source track services including: in-plant industrial track inspections, cleaning and repair; track design, engineering and construction; track upgrades and rehab; tamping and regulating; scales calibration; snow removal; emergency repairs; and more.

Railcar Shipment Tracking

Our Railcar Management System (RMS) technology helps you track your rail cars at every step of the journey, providing real-time data from more than 550 railroads. By increasing your visibility, RMS simplifies your job, saves you time, and increases your productivity.


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Railcar Services

  • Railcar Switching
  • Railcar Loading/Unloading
  • Transloading (Rail to Truck & Truck to Rail)
  • Railcar Maintenance, Inspection & Repair
  • Railcar Weighing, Heating & Cleaning
  • Railcar Logistics and Inventory Management
  • Railcar Fleet Sizing & Cycle Time Analysis
  • Railcar Offline Repair Management
  • Railcar Shipment Tracking

Storage Services

  • Railcar Storage-in-Transit Yard Operations
  • Material Warehousing and Storage

Track Services

  • Track Design & Construction
  • Track Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

Locomotive Services

  • Locomotive Fueling
  • Locomotive Fuel Tracking
  • Locomotive Servicing and Cleaning
  • Locomotive Light Maintenance

Product Handling

  • Testing and Sampling
  • Blending and Sizing
  • Filtering and Sparging
  • Contract Manufacturing

Rail Infrastructure and Planning

  • Expansion Planning
  • Design and Construction
  • Mechanical Services

Environmental and Emergency Response Services

  • Rail
  • Rail
  • Rail
  • Rail
  • Rail
  • Rail
  • Rail
  • Rail

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