Environmental Services

Planned Environmental and Emergency Response Services

SUNPRO, a Savage Company, is an environmental and industrial services and emergency response company that’s been operating since 1989. SUNPRO’s services include spill cleanup, environmental remediation, transportation of waste, and more. With multiple response centers, ranging from St. Louis to Pittsburgh, we are geographically situated to provide rapid response across the Midwest, and planned services in other parts of the country.

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Operations with Environmental Benefits

In Southwest Virginia, Savage removes waste coal piles from abandoned mines and provides environmental reclamation services to help restore impacted land, streams and forests. The waste coal, known as gob, is blended with run-of-mine coal and used to generate electricity for homes and businesses.

We also operate a Refined Coal Facility in Minnesota that helps a power plant to significantly reduce its mercury and NOx emissions.

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SUNPRO's focus is always on safety and speed, with the ability to provide comprehensive environmental services that include:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Response
  • Industrial Services
  • Railroads
  • Oil & Gas Clients
  • Remediation
  • High Voltage Electrical
  • PCB Remediation
  • Decontamination
  • Chemical Packing
  • Hospital Services
  • Environmental
  • Environmental
  • Environment
  • Environmental
  • Environment
  • Award
  • Environment

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