The Savage System We Create Value

Our business is ruled as much by creativity as it is by logic. To us, "creative" is a way of thinking. The way we look at your world. The way we approach your supply chain challenges and opportunities. Our business is also ruled by the words of one of our founders, Neal Savage, who regularly reminds us: "There is a better way. Find it." And our approach to finding a better way is three-dimensional to ensure we grasp your complete business picture.




Dig.  We explore your business. Touring your locations. Understanding specific logistics issues. Reviewing your transportation and materials handling strategies. Analyzing the flow of information in your operation. Always seeking to understand your capabilities, operational objectives and logistics requirements.

Diagnose.  We use the information we gather to identify and document the obstacles that may be preventing you from realizing your business potential. But, we also pinpoint all the opportunities for supply chain efficiency and effectiveness that may be buried in the system.

Design.  We work with you to finalize the blueprint for change. A new way of thinking and doing. A creative solution that blends the right mix of people, processes, equipment and technology. Entirely customized to your business, your materials and your locations. Immediately actionable to your timetable. Offering value that you can realize.