Industries We Serve Oil Refining


Our refinery solutions are designed to allow refiners to focus on core refining activities. We are experts in petroleum coke handling, sulphur handling, liquids unloading/loading, and rail switching inside refineries. Savage also has an outstanding safety record within our refinery service operations.

Petroleum Coke Cutting – We are experts in coke cutting, including drum heading/unheading. We understand the importance a coker can play in refinery production. Our coke cutting expertise also includes operating and maintaining delayed coker units inside of several refineries.

Petroleum Coke Handling and Transportation – We understand that coke must move from the refinery in order to avoid production slowdowns. Our coke handling solutions include operation and maintenance of bridge cranes, crushers, conveyors, loading equipment, and other handling assets. Our reliability focused maintenance approach ensures near perfect up time of handling equipment.  Savage can operate existing refinery systems or design and build new handling systems. We provide transportation and logistics services necessary to move coke from refineries to end users. Our services include truck, rail, and marine transportation.

Sulphur Handling and Transportation – We are experts at handling molten and formed sulphur. Our sulphur solutions include operation of the Sulphur Recovery Unit, truck/barge/rail loading and transportation, sulphur forming, and sulphur terminaling. Savage is the operating partner of Gulf Sulphur Services, a joint venture between Savage and Mosaic. Within GSS, Savage operates sulphur terminals, sulphur forming facilities, and sulphur marine barges and vessels.

Liquids Unloading and Loading – Our teams provide refineries with in-plant truck, rail, and barge unloading and loading services for all liquids, including benzyne, LPG’s, and sulphur.

Refinery Rail Services – We provide complete refinery rail solutions that include rail switching, track maintenance, car inspection and repair, and rail logistics.

We partner with our customers to facilitate their operations across many areas of the oil refining business including:

  • Environmental compliance
  • Site operations
  • Material logistics planning
  • Production efficiency