Everyday Life What We Do Matters


Every year, we move more than 65 million tons of materials for our customers. The materials we manage everyday directly benefit end consumers around the United States and the world at large.

We Help Feed the World

We operate Gulf Sulphur Services (GSS), which moves sulphur from refineries all over the U.S. to be used in the agriculture and construction industries. The sulfur we handle is used as a crop nutrient that will help the world achieve and sustain food security as the growth in population and calorie consumption increases world food demand. Sulphur-based technologies are also vital to the production of eco-friendly concrete — which can be used to replace Portland cement and asphalt blacktop as construction and development of urban infrastructures accelerate.

We Help Keep Your Sports Rolling

Our Safe Handling Operation in Auburn, Maine handles and transports chemicals to a paper mill that are necessary for the imprint paper used in the production of soccer balls used worldwide in amateur and professional tournaments.

We Help Provide Clean Drinking Water

Our Baltimore TRANSFLO facility transfers hydroflourosilicic acid from railcars to trailers to be used in the filtration of drinking water for the city of Baltimore, Maryland, many surrounding counties and parts of northern Virginia and southern Pennsylvania.

The hydoflourosilicic acid that our Cleveland Central TRANSFLO facility transfers is used in the treatment of drinking water for the Westlake, Ohio community.

Our Elizabeth, New Jersey TRANSFLO facility helps deliver the water treatment products needed to provide New York City with safe, clean water.

The South Bay Services team transports molten sulphur to a customer that uses it to produce sulfuric acid, some of which is shipped to water treatment plants providing clean drinking water to the people living in the Los Angeles Basin.

We Help Stock Your Grocery Store

We provide major chemical companies with operations switching, inventory, track line up and inbound and outbound management of soda ash rail cars. The soda ash that we move for these companies is used around the world in the making of laundry detergent, baking soda, food preservatives and glass.

We Help Make Your Drinks Portable

Our Columbus, Ohio operation serves major oil production companies by transloading plastics that go into the manufacture of milk containers for the dairy industry.

We Help Power Your Homes and Businesses

Our Carbon Transport operation in Price, Utah provides 24/7 service to three local power plants that supply power to thousands of homes in the Intermountain West.

We safely transport waste coal and refuse from many coal operations to power plants across the United States to provide inexpensive power to consumers. We then transport the ash back to the fuel site to reclaim mine lands and to abate mine acid drainage.

We Help Sustain Local Economies

We provided an innovative waste water management solution for a petroleum company customer that saves the company nearly $750,000 a month, enabling them to sustain and grow their business and job opportunities in Utah’s Uintah Basin.

We Help Ensure Safe Air Travel

Our Big Lift Transload Terminal in Littleton, Colorado provides sampling and transloading of de-icing products to the Denver International Airport. The supply of de-icing products ensures passengers’ safe travel at the United States’ fifth busiest airport.