Ensuring Perpetual Success

The three founding brothers captured their vision and legacy for the Company when they said:

Our vision and legacy for this Company is that it will continue for future generations.

We view the role of owners, board members, managers and employees as a stewardship, always doing what is right, in balance, for our Company, employees and customers.

We expect that all business dealings be conducted with integrity and on the basis of what is fair and honest.

A major purpose of the Company is to provide our people with opportunities for personal growth — to do things that they never dreamed possible.

We expect the Company to be aggressive and in control, pursuing business opportunities where it can succeed by developing trusting relationships with customers.

We expect our people to be progressive, relentlessly seeking improvement — asking the question, “How can we be better tomorrow than we are today?”

We desire that all future owners, leaders and employees continue this Vision and Legacy.

Dated this 3rd of May, 1999
The Savage Brothers